Generally speaking, in the UK and Southern Ireland, the majority of private companies are not restricted in regard to the number of potentially harmful drugs that they can screen their employees for. These drugs can incorporate both illegal drugs, and legal therapeutic prescription drugs (the latter of which can be abused).

The Big 6

It is common practice for staff to be screened with a non-invasive saliva test in the workplace, for the following six frequently used drugs:

  • Cannabis/Marijuana (also known as hash, pot, ganja, Mary Jane)

  • Methamphetamine (also known as ecstasy, crank, meth, and speed)

  • Cocaine (also known as crack and coke)

  • Opiates (also known as opium, heroin, morphine and codeine)

  • Phencyclidine (also known as angel dust and PCP)

  • Benzodiazepine (also known as benzos)

All of the above mentioned drugs generate various intoxication after-effects, such as slowed down cognitive function & delayed reaction time. These side effects can easily cause accidents, some of which can be very serious, or even fatal, thereby creating countless problems & even civil claims and criminal charges, for the company/organisation. To that end, it is crucial that you test your staff regularly, using both scheduled and unannounced drug screening. Please do not hesitate to contact our highly professional Drug Testing Kits UK customer service team for FREE advice as to the best route your company/organisation can take, and get a FREE quote on our discounted bulk prices & FREE delivery

The Advantages of Non-Invasive 'Drug Testing Kits UK's 6 Panel Tests

Our professional team of experts at Drug Testing Kits UK, recommend saliva panel testing, as not only is this form of testing a perpetual best-seller, there are also a huge number of proven advantages:

  • These cost effective, highly efficient approved saliva tests, are super simple to use. They can be easily administered by a responsible appointed member of staff (you do not have to pay expensive agency fees for a nurse to come to your place of business)

  • The on-site testing process is simple to understand, and there is no need to train staff to administer the user-friendly tests, or interpret the results

  • They can detect an employee's substance abuse in under 3 minutes

  • When compared to sending drug tests off to a laboratory: the savings from purchasing approved 'on-the-spot result' tests from Drug Texting Kits UK, the savings are phenomenal

  • They can discover the major groups of drugs (as previously listed), in just one analysis

  • The approved 6 panel drug testing devices supplied by Drug Testing Kits UK, are reasonably priced, especially as they test the main drug groups (which would cost a great deal more to test separately)

  • Moreover, testing the different drugs groups on separate days would also mean that employees would have to stop working on a number of different occasions, thus disrupting their work schedule; the company's/organisation's targets; the administrator's time; and the use of a designated room

  • Depending on your company's/organisation's insurance policy: informing your insurance company that you regularly drug screen your employees, could well reduce your annual premium

  • All Drug Testing Kits UK's products have a long shelf life (which guarantees their accuracy)

  • The tests packs are easy to store, and are designed to take up the least possible shelf space

An Overview of the Best-Selling 6 Panel Drug Test

There are a number of cutting-edge features which make this best-selling approved saliva 6 panel test so popular with corporations, small to medium sized businesses, organisations, institutions, educational establishments, and medical facilities. These comprise:

  • A fully encapsulated 100% hygienic plastic unit

  • An easy to handle robust design

  • A fully airtight lid, which automatically fastens the collecting applicator into position

  • The advantage of the unit only requiring a minimum amount of oral fluid in order to generate accurate results

  • Featuring a built-in saturation indicator which changes colour once the necessary level of fluid has been collected

  • A standardised colour coded strip for each drug system, thus facilitating quick, easy, and consistent identification for each type of metabolite/drug

  • A flat-sided structure which makes the results easy to scan or photocopy

  • Negative results can be seen when two lines appear on any strip

  • Consistent specificity, sensitivity and high level accuracy

  • Continual first-class, reliable, qualitative, screening results


Administer Our Non-Invasive, 3 Minute Result 6 Drug Panel Test Anytime, Anywhere

 As your company/organisation can easily store these purpose packed long shelf-life testing kits in a cupboard, you are able to administer the tests as and when you need to, anytime, anywhere. This has proven very useful when workplace incidents involving employee's illicit drug induced behaviour suddenly arise. And not only does it empower the management to take appropriate action due to the recorded drug test results; it also remedies workplace safety, and upset to other members of staff, some of whom can be severely impacted by inappropriate behaviour, and may actually be frightened, and concerned about potential accidents in the workplace. Moreover, it will nip any suggestion by the individual who is under the influence of illicit drugs, that they do not consume drugs, and that the company/other members of staff, are making up stories, or exaggerating about their behaviour , or simply bullying them.

In Summary

The clear advantages of ordering approved 6 panel drug tests from Drug Testing Kits UK, have been explained in concise detail. And very importantly, applying regular testing, works towards ensuring that when you screen your staff, your workplace environment will be safe, and employee productivity will be at an optimum level. Moreover, the low cost, effective, rapid testing, can be carried out by any responsible member of staff, as it is so easy to administer. Furthermore, by setting up a regular screening schedule, you will be able to filter out any employees who have succumb to drug abuse, thereby preventing any potential accidents, and in some cases, helping the individuals in question, seek appropriate help.