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Drug Testing Kits UK offers a comprehensive variety of drug and alcohol testing instruments for all of your drug testing needs. Our drug tests are quick, accurate up to 99 per cent of the time, simple to use, and inexpensive. Founded in 2016, It’s the new venture of the company hillside commerce ltd, established by Rebecca Gunter who has gone into drug tests after being a major player in Covid test sales and distribution within the UK and also internationally. Using our connections from within the covid testing business we now have solid relationships with some of the major drug test manufacturers throughout the world.

We believe in using science for the greater good, we work around the clock to offer answers to all of your health queries. That includes everything from quick testing to providing new insights through accurate tests, all of which draws on a wealth of scientific knowledge. Consider us your go-to resource when you need reliable information to make informed health decisions.


At Drug Testing Kits UK, our mission is to respond to the query, "Where can I get drug test kits?" We take great satisfaction in providing the finest quality and most reliable drug testing products to our consumers. We provide the most comprehensive collection of drug and alcohol testing kits on the market today, for both pre-employment and random drug testing.

We offer a variety of drug test product lines to fulfil the needs of every client. Individuals, Medical facilities, doctors' offices, occupational medical centres, sober living communities, and private businesses are among our devoted clientele.

We are dedicated to offering superior service, professionalism, quality drug and alcohol testing goods, and exceptional service to our clients.


  • Customer Support

Our company's objective is to give exceptional customer service to everyone we assist. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or issues.

  • Safe and dependable

Our tests are extremely safe and dependable. They're simple to use and come with detailed instructions.

  • Website Security

256-bit SSL encryption protects our website. This website does not save any of your payment card details.

  • Quick Delivery

Once your order is placed, we have our team of ninjas picking, packing and dispatching to get your testing kit to you in time!

  • Accurate

Drug Testing Kits UK are of the highest quality and produce the most accurate results.

Drug Testing Kits UK is committed to assisting you with all your drug testing requirements. Please contact us to help prevent drug abuse and ensure public safety.