Saliva Drug Test Kits

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What Is a Saliva Drug Testing?

Saliva drug testing is a painless and non-invasive drug screening method that involves the use of a sponge swab to get a saliva sample from a person’s mouth. The sample is then analyzed in a lab or on-site to detect if there are traces of any drug or other misused substances.

These testing kits are designed to provide quick and convenient results, making them an essential resource for various purposes in the United Kingdom. The drugs that our Saliva Drug kits test include:

  • Amphetamine (AMP),
  • Cocaine (COC),
  • Opiates (OPI),
  • Marijuana (THC),
  • Benzodiazepine (BZO,)
  • Ketamine,
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Alcohol,
  • Drug & Alcohol Metabolites,
  • Barbiturates (BAR),
  • Benzodiazepines,
  • Buprenorphine (BUP),
  • Methadone (MTD)
  • Methamphetamine (MET)

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Drug screening can be conducted using different types of specimens, such as hair, saliva, blood, and urine.

Blood Drug and Alcohol test
Saliva Alcohol test
Breath Alcohol test
Urine Drug and Alcohol test
Hair Drug test

Why Saliva Drug Kits are Used for

Saliva-based drug testing takes a short period of time, about 1 to 3 minutes, and the results are ready within 24 hours. The test is preferred by most employers as the person undergoing the test doesn’t have to go through major preparation. They only need to avoid taking drinks or meals for at least 10 minutes before the test.

The type of drug used and the length of time the drug has been in the person’s system are some of the factors that affect the efficiency of mouth swab drug tests. Also, the skill of the person carrying out the test may affect the results.

It’s recommended that the person undertaking the test should have specialized training to ensure the sample doesn’t get contaminated. It can also be difficult to take a saliva drug test for a person with a dry mouth.

Saliva test for drugs is commonly used in the workplace because it’s painless and more sensitive to recent drug use. This test is also cheap, difficult to tamper with, and gives quick results. However, keep in mind, that saliva drug testing kits with a window of detection of about 48 hours or less might not be suitable when it comes to the detection of drugs among heavy drug users.

The Purposes of Saliva Drug Screens

Saliva drug screens serve essential roles in various contexts, providing rapid and reliable detection of recent drug use. These tests are particularly valuable for:

  • Workplace Drug Testing: Safeguarding workplaces by ensuring employees are not under the influence of drugs, thereby enhancing safety and productivity.
  • Pre-Employment Screening: As part of the hiring process, ensuring that prospective candidates are drug-free, contributes to the selection of reliable and responsible employees.
  • Ensuring Safety and Public Health: Identifying individuals who may pose risks due to drug impairment, promoting public safety and health.

How to Prepare for a Saliva Drug Test

Proper preparation can enhance the accuracy of a saliva drug test. So, here are the main steps to prepare for a swab drug test:

  • Refrain from consuming food, drinks, or tobacco products at least 10 to 15 minutes before the test to prevent contamination.
  • Practice good oral hygiene by brushing and rinsing with water before the test.
  • Follow the specific instructions provided with the swab drug test kits for optimal results.

Saliva Drug Test Instructions For Use

Following these steps can help ensure the most accurate results from a saliva drug test. Proper preparation is essential to minimize the risk of false positives or false negatives. Although some test instructions may vary, here are the main steps to take when using saliva drug test kits:

  • Advise the donor not to consume anything, including food, beverages, gum, or tobacco, for at least 10 minutes before the collection.
  • Ensure that the test has been stored at room temperature. Use the test as soon as you open the sealed package.
  • Use the provided mouth swab to collect a sample from the donor's mouth by gently sweeping it inside (cheek, gum, tongue) several times. Keep the swab in the mouth until the saturation indicator strip turns pink, visible through the indicator window on the tube. During this process, do not bite, chew, or suck on the swab.
  • Open the cap of the testing chamber, place it on a clean, flat surface, and insert the collection mouth swab until it touches the chamber's bottom. Push the cap down until it locks securely in place on the device, which will produce a clicking sound.
  • Leave the test standing upright on a flat surface for at least 10 minutes. Some testing strips may require more time to fully saturate. Look for one to two pink lines in the results window to interpret the test results. If the sample doesn't flow adequately, keep the device upright, and move it back and forth on the flat surface without tilting until the strips are fully saturated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long should I wait before interpreting the results?

Results should be interpreted according to the instructions provided with the swab drug test kits. Typically, this involves waiting for 5-10 minutes after sample collection.

What do I do if the test results are unclear or inconclusive?

In the case of unclear or inconclusive results, it's advisable to consult the manufacturer's instructions or contact the saliva drug test kit's customer support for guidance.

Are saliva drug tests as accurate as laboratory-based urine tests?

Saliva drug tests are highly accurate, with an approximate accuracy rate of 98%. However, the choice between saliva and urine tests depends on the specific requirements of the situation and the substances being tested.

How long does marijuana stay detectable in saliva using a drug test kit?

Marijuana can typically be detected in saliva for up to 72 hours after use, though the exact duration can vary based on factors like frequency of use and individual metabolism.

Saliva vs Urine Drug Testing: Comparison

Aspect Saliva Drug Testing Urine Drug Testing
Accuracy 99% 97%
Sample Collection Requires a saliva swab or mouth swab Requires a urine sample
Detection Window Usually up to 1-2 days Ranging from a few days to several weeks depending on the substance
Ease of Collection Non-invasive and simple to administer Requires a private space for collection and can be more prone to adulteration
Adulteration Risk Lower risk of sample tampering Higher risk of sample tampering
Application Commonly used in roadside DUI checks and post-accident testing Commonly used for workplace and pre-employment drug screening
Privacy Concerns Offers less privacy as it requires a swab of the mouth Requires more privacy during sample collection, which can be a concern for some

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