The Low-Down of Keeping Illegal Drugs in Check

Whether you're looking to home test yourself, or you're a concerned family member or friend of a drug abuser, there are great advantages of regular non-invasive ‘at home drug testing,’ for anyone who is on the slippery slope to drug addiction; or for anyone who has previously suffered from addiction.

First and foremost, it shows you just how long drugs stay in the system; and the fact that your employer or even traffic police, could suddenly carry out an unexpected test, should make you mindful of the consequences. - For example, if you partook in illicit drug taking on a Saturday night, and thought that it will not show up in a workplace drug test the following week, the results of your home testing drug kit (which you conducted in your own home on that following week), would indicate otherwise, and hopefully keep you going off on the wrong track again.

After all, who would want to lose their job, and have to deal with paying for their mortgage or rent, not to mention living expenses, on zero income? And how would you deal with not being able to get a work reference; or being given one which states that you were terminated from your position due to illegal drug abuse? And what about the serious mental and physical illness generated by illicit drug use?

In addition to the aforementioned, another regular scenario that the team at Drug Testing Kits UK, frequently deal with, is hearing from concerned people who have been out on a rave or other event, and been slipped illicit drugs in their drink. - And they have no idea what drug, or even mixture of drugs, they were slipped. So this is where our next day deliver service comes in, thereby allowing you to self-test yourself in the privacy of your own home. (Note: if you feel particularly ill after your night on the rave, etc., then you should contact a medic without delay).

Moreover, when it comes to concerned friends and family: by allowing them to play a role in keeping you on the straight and narrow, by letting them order in an economy box of drug testing kits, or simply ordering one test at a time, you create a win-win situation. - That is to say: their love, caring nature and concern; and your willingness to let them give you regular unexpected on-the-spot drug tests, will help to generate a positive outlook for all concerned.

Did You Know?

The majority of Drug Testing Kits UK's products are ideal for home testing, and all kits are sent out in plain packaging. The tests are super easy to use on yourself; or for a friend or family member to administer. The instructions are very straightforward, and the process only takes a matter of minutes before you see your results!

Drug Testing Kits UK, supplies countless companies, organisations, institutions, and medical facilities, across the length and breath of the UK and Southern Ireland. The cutting-edge state-of-the-art kits are all approved by the appropriate UK and Southern Ireland authorities; and give highly accurate results. Moreover, the testing kits are very reasonably priced. Furthermore, our professional and understanding Customer Service Team, are always on hand to answer your questions, and give you advice and guidance. - And we are proud to say that our Drug Testing Kits UK ethos is to always put our customers first.

Are You a Concerned Parent, Relative or Friend?

If the answer is, "Yes," and you are anxious about a loved one who you think is taking illegal drugs, then it is important to know the facts.

UK Drug Statistics

As the UK's Priory Clinic notes from multiple studies over the period 2018 to 2019:

  • 9.4% of individuals (aged 16 to 59), who were surveyed, admitted having taken an illegal drug

  • 20.3% of young adults (aged 16 to 24), admitted having taken an illegal drug

  • 7,376 hospital admissions were recorded for drug-related behavioural and mental health disorders

  • There was a higher rate of nightclub and pub visits connected to a higher degree of illegal drug use

  • Individuals who had lower levels of happiness were more inclined to have taken illicit drugs when compared to those with greater degrees of happiness

  • Over 3 million individuals in the UK (aged 16 to 59), had taken an illegal drug

  • "In the same age category, around 1.3 million people had taken a Class A drug, which equates to around 1 in 25 adults" [1]

  • Close to 1.3 million youngsters in the UK had taken an illicit drug. This equates to approximately 1 in 5 youngsters (aged 16 to 24)

  • 7% of youngsters (aged 16 to 59) had taken a Class A drug

  • 18,053 admissions to UK hospitals were recorded as poisoning due to the misuse of drugs

  • The death count due to poisoning from the misuse of drugs was recorded at 2,917 people [1].

Does Drug Testing Kits UK, Offer a Non-Invasive Multiple Drug Screening in One Test?

Yes we do! Our CE marked, British and Southern Ireland -approved, highly accurate, almost instant result, '6 Panel Saliva Drug Test,' is one of our most popular drug testing kits for both home use, and in the workplace. It tests for the most common drugs in the UK and Southern Ireland, namely:

  • Amphetamine (AMP). (Also known as ecstasy, crank, meth, and speed)

  • Benzodiazepine (BZO). (Also known as benzos)

  • Cannabis/Marijuana (THC). (Also known as hash, pot, ganja, Mary Jane)

  • Cocaine (COC). (Also known as crack and coke)

  • Opiates (OPI). (Also known as opium, heroin, morphine and codeine)

  • Methamphetamine (MET). (Also known as crank, crystal meth, glass, ice, meth, Tina and Christine, yaba)

 6 Panel Saliva Drug Test Advantages

Not only is this best-selling instant drug test very reasonably priced (at slightly over £1 per drug screened), it is also super simple to use. The 6 Panel Saliva Drug Test features a unique collection swab and a clear indicator strip which changes colour as soon as the sponge is saturated with the saliva sample. The swab automatically locks into the device, thus generating an airtight seal which preserves the integrity of the sample. The panel is designed to screen for the 6 different aforementioned drugs. And only a minimal amount of oral fluid is required to give accurate results.


[1]. Priory (2020). "Drug Addiction Statistics in the UK."