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Drug Testing Kits UK is the number 1 provider of high quality, non-invasive drug and alcohol testing kits. We are proud to be industry leaders & the most reputable go-to supplier of innovative testing kits for the workplace, healthcare & home testing.

Being industry leaders, and UK Drug & Alcohol Safety Experts, here at Drug Testing Kits UK, we always stay one step ahead of the curve. Our new and existing clients expect quick, reliable results, and that is exactly what our Drug & Alcohol testing kits deliver. In addition to this, all our kits are super-easy to use!

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The Benefits of Drug Testing Kits in the UK

A healthier safer workplace. - Instituting periodic random drug & alcohol tests is the best way to increase your company's overall job safety

- Reduced liability costs

- Better productivity

- A stable workforce

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Workplace Drug Testing Kits In The UK

Drug Testing Kits UK are easy to use and extremely reliable. They are designed to detect all the popular illegal and prescription drugs, and give near immediate results

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Our cutting-edge, legally compliant, top quality drug test screening devices, are custom designed for workplace, clinical healthcare (treatment centres, hospitals, surgeries), and home testing, both in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

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Our highly qualified team are all professionals with extensive experience in the fields of medical, drug & alcohol testing. We are always available to discuss your needs, tell you about how we can help your company, answer any questions you may have, and give you advice on the way forward to meet your specific requirements, and changing circumstances.

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