Why Drug & Alcohol Testing Procedures Are So Important

"When a worker consumes drugs or alcohol, it's likely that their reaction times, coordination, concentration, judgement & performance at work will be impaired. In most industries, but particularly high-risk roles with lots of health & safety responsibilities, this puts other people (as well as the employee themselves) at risk of significant harm. Drug & alcohol testing reduces the risks of accidents & injuries in the workplace by ensuring that employees are not impaired by drugs or alcohol while on the job" [1]

In addition to the above, the vast experience garnered by Drug Testing Kits UK, which supplies the latest approved, highly accurate, cutting-edge rapid substance abuse tests to countless companies, organisations, institutions, and medical clinics and facilities across the length and breath of the UK and Southern Ireland, aligns with the understanding that: workplace alcohol and drug testing is also essential for ensuring good productivity levels within your company or organisation. Of note, the Health & Safety Executive has stated that this is the number one reason why company directors are concerned about substance abuse. - Indeed, it is likely that staff who have consumed alcohol or drugs either prior to, or at work, will not carry out their tasks to their optimum ability, and as a result, this lowers their anticipated productivity level. - To that end, the knock-on effect will negatively impact the company’s/organisation's bottom line [1]. Moreover, when an employee abuses illegal drugs or alcohol, safety issues are likely to arise - and this means that fellow employees, and in some cases, clients and other members of the public, could be seriously affected.

Did You Know?

"Drug use is an ever-increasing problem for employers in the UK. More employees than ever are attending work under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol compared with 10 years ago. As a result of this increasing trend, drug testing in the workplace is becoming more commonplace" [1]

In a Nutshell

"The goal of workplace drug testing is to create a safe, drug-free work environment, and to ensure that employees or job candidates are able to perform their duties effectively and safely.

Under UK law, drug testing in the workplace must be carried out in a way that is fair, balanced, and respectful of employees’ privacy. Employers must also have a clear and legitimate reason for drug testing, such as ensuring the safety and productivity of their employees or complying with industry regulations" [1].

Implementing drug and alcohol testing on-site in the workplace, necessitates meticulous planning and adherence to the essential ethical, legal and practical considerations. Therefore, in order to facilitate this process, the highly experienced, professional team at Drug Testing Kits UK, recommend that your company/organisation/institution put the following procedures in place:

  • Number 1: employers should draw up a printed workplace drug and alcohol testing policy which outlines why the in-house testing is being conducted; the type of testing which will be employed, the procedures for carrying out the drug and alcohol tests, and the consequences that an employee could expect if they receive a positive test result

  • Number 2: employers should decide on the most appropriate way to test their staff (in line with their workplace). Drug Testing Kits UK note that this is usually urine or saliva testing

  • Number 3: choose a reputable, leading, registered drug testing provider (such as Drug Testing Kits UK), which offers premium quality, easy-to-use workplace drug testing kits, that can be easily administered by a responsible member of staff

  • Number 4: train your company's/organisation's supervisors and managers, so that they are fully conversant with your drug and alcohol policy (including the part that they will have to play in enforcing it. (Of note: such training should also incorporate being able to understand the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse)

  • Number 5: conduct periodic drug and alcohol testing in accordance with your workplace drug and alcohol testing policy. Furthermore, ensure that the assigned testing kit administrator/s is fully conversant with the manufacturer's instructions

  • Number 6: deal with positive results in an effective manner, and devise a procedure with regard to the action you will take in the event that an employee receives a positive result. This can incorporate both disciplinary action, and support for the member of staff in question

  • Number 7: ensure that strict confidentiality is followed at all times. "Employers should maintain strict confidentiality of any drug and alcohol testing results, and limit access to only those who need to know [1]

Workplace Drug Testing For Different Industries

"Some industries such as transportation (including aviation, rail & maritime), construction (crane operators, forklift truck drivers), oil & gas workers (offshore workers), & healthcare workers (anaesthetists & surgeons) may require workplace drug and alcohol testing by law.

Testing must be conducted fairly & consistently with workers being informed about the testing process, & being treated with respect & dignity, especially if they fail a drug or alcohol test" [1]

Making a Smooth Transition to Incorporate Drug & Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

Organising the best procedures for alcohol and drug testing in the workplace, does not have to be an arduous task. All the guidance that you need, can be found on the Drug Testing Kits UK blog. The articles are written in easy to understand layman's terms, and references are given to both substantiate what has been written, and to direct readers to quoted authoritative websites, such as, and the Health & Safety Executive, should they require further information.

On top of this, the professional team at Drug Testing Kits UK, are available to give you the necessary recommendations on the best type of drug and alcohol testing kits for your company, organisation or institution. Just send us a message, or give us a call, telling us the size and nature of your industry/business/organisation, and the roles of your employees. And whether or not this is the first time that you are implementing these measures. You can be assured that as industry leaders, Drug Testing Kits UK, will value your company/organisation, and provide you with the best quality, approved, testing equipment, at reasonable prices.


[1]. Allan, L. (2023). "Everything you need to know about Workplace Drug Testing." CPD College.