Being a nationwide leader in the on-site drug and alcohol testing industry, Drug Testing Kits UK fully supports the current accelerated drive for regular workplace drug testing by smart companies, organisations and institutions across the length and breath of the UK and Southern Ireland. All the aforementioned have now become extremely mindful of the fact that employee drug abuse is a clear and present danger that is ever omnipresent. - So to that end, and in many cases often taking advantage of the FREE guidance and support from Drug Testing Kit UK's professional customer service and advisory team, these companies, organisations and institutions, are staying one step of the game, by:

  • Creating a drug abuse policy

  • Adding a drug abuse clause to employees' work contracts

  • Meeting with supervisors and managers, and informing them that they should report any suspicious or risky behaviour by employees which could indicate illegal drug or alcohol use. Preparing a form which should be dated and signed after every report/entry, is a good policy

  • Producing readily available information about reputable organisations that employees with drug issues can contact. This could be posted on the staff notice board, and/or emailed to employees

  • Appointing one or more suitable senior members of staff (e.g. a supervisor or manager), who employees with drug issues can approach and talk to

  • Addressing workers' drug abuse issues head on with regular (scheduled announced, and unannounced), drug testing in the workplace. Drug Testing Kit's latest UK approved state-of-the-art non-invasive, reasonably priced saliva testing kits, provide highly accurate results within a just few minutes. Moreover, they can be easily administered by an appointed member of staff. - There is no need to spend company funds bringing in a medic organised by an agency

The Serious Consequences of Drug Abuse & the Need For a Program

"One of the characteristic signs of a substance misuse problem is the deterioration of workplace performance. The cognitive, emotional & behavioural impairment that results from drug use can affect productivity, morale, & even the safety of other co-workers. The cost of addiction in the workforce is usually measured financially, but it can also refer to more subjective losses, which can change the entire nature of an office" [1]

"The effects of substance abuse on the job have a far-reaching impact on the profitability of a business. Many job duties involve being alert & accurate, having quick reflexes & being efficient in completing tasks. When a person is impaired, it can lead to accidents, inefficiency & reduced productivity. Absenteeism due to recovering from the effects of substance abuse & related illnesses can also be costly to businesses" [2]

Consequences of drug illicit abuse, include:

  • Members of staff being tardy, and dozing off when they should be working

  • Bad decision making

  • Theft of company property (including private company data and customer information)

  • Being inept at performing regular duties

  • Low efficiency

  • Less productivity

  • Low morale of fellow employees

  • A high staff turnover rate

  • Increased training costs for new members of staff

  • High costs relating to disciplinary procedures

  • Massive legal costs due to accidents both in and outside the workplace [2]

Did You Know?

As an employer in the UK and Southern Ireland, it is mandatory (as far as is reasonably possible), to provide a safe workplace. As Drug Testing Kits UK's team of FREE professional advisors will tell you, creating a safe workplace must incorporate:

  • Certain measures (including regular scheduled and unscheduled) on-site drug testing (which the employee should agree to in their work contract/or new separate drug testing contract), will ensure that: if they are found to be taking illegal drugs, and thereby pose a danger to fellow employees, and/or the public, the company/organisation will take serious action against them

  • Periodic discussions by management with regard to the success of the workplace drug-testing program. - For example, reviewing the statistics, and determining whether any changes need to be implemented

  • Taking immediate action if you suspect that a member of staff is under the influence of illicit drugs

  • Ensuring that detailed records of drug abuse incidents and disciplinary letters are kept confidential

  • Implementing the company's/organisation's drug policy to the full

  • Keep abreast of any new government guidance or legislation relating to workplace drug testing in the United Kingdom [2]. - This can be found on Drug Testing Kits UK's informative blog site, which has all the latest cutting-edge information

UK Law & On-Site Drug Testing in the Workplace

As the law stands at the moment, unless they have prior written consent from their staff (with the exception of certain jobs/industries), employers are not permitted to force an employee to undergo a drug test. - To that end, it is essential to have a drug policy clause in all your employees' work contracts. However, if this is not the case: for example, if you are only implementing a drug testing policy at the present time; or if only a percentage of your employees have a drug policy clause, then simply draw up a one or two page contract solely relating to drug testing (or drug and alcohol testing). Once the employee signs the contract, the latter serves as a fundamental consent agreement for the former. Moreover, all employees who have signed the contract, can be subject to unannounced random drug tests in the workplace; and if the drug test turns out to be positive, then it could well be a dismissible offence.

In a Nutshell

Having a robust workplace drug policy and program in place, empowers your company/organisation with certain protections and legal advantage. Moreover, in addition to the aforementioned, the drug program allows you to succinctly convey your company's/organisation's position in regard to both drug misuse, and what you expect of them throughout their term of employment, in respect to following the law in relation to illicit drugs.


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[2]. Texas Addiction Treatment Centers (2018). "The Effects of Workplace Substance Abuse."