Our professional advisors and customer service team here at Drug Testing Kits UK, are frequently being asked about the difference between these three different types of on-site drug testing. So in order to makes things clear, here is a nutshell description of each one:

Periodic Workplace Drug Testing

Periodic on-site drug testing can be used by all companies, organisations, institutions and medical establishments; and is of particular importance in safety-critical industries such as the building industry, transportation, aviation, and offshore platforms. Moreover, in many cases, it is a element of an employee's work contract; and is a mandatory legal requirement for most safety critical roles in a company/organisation.

At Drug Testing Kits UK, we are seeing that an ever-increasing number of companies and organisations that we provide workplace drug and alcohol testing kits for (across the expanse of the UK and Northern Ireland), are now carrying out periodic workplace drug testing. This is due to a number of factors, namely:

  • The ease of appointing a dedicated member of staff to administer the UK-approved tests

  • The reasonable cost of ordering 'Drug Testing Kits UK' bulk testing kits (all of which have a long shelf life)

  • The very serious consequences and legal issues that can come about when a member of staff causes an accident in or outside the workplace. In the worse case scenario, this can cost the company hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal costs, awards and fines; loss of their good reputation (which could go back 50-plus years), bankruptcy, and even criminal prosecution

Immediate Response Workplace Drug Testing

This form of drug testing means getting the drug test results on the spot, within a few minutes. Naturally, this type of in-work drug testing is crucial for high risk industries and companies such as Network Rail. Generally speaking, immediate response drug testing forms part of a random drug testing program.

Of note, if there has been a serious incident involving a member of staff who is thought to be under the influence of illegal drugs (or abuse of prescription drugs), then the police service are likely to be on the scene within one or two hours in order to test those involved with their own kits, and then have the results verified by a laboratory (in order to have evidence for a potential prosecution against the employee).

Random Workplace Drug Testing

In this instance, members of staff are chosen at random from a company's/organisation's pool of employees. This important category of on-the-job unannounced drug testing, forms a part of many company's/organisation's illegal substance programs and everyday safety culture. This is because it serves a viable deterrent for illicit and prescription drug misuse. Random workplace drug testing involves using Drug Testing Kits UK's non-invasive, cutting-edge, highly accurate saliva or urine tests. - Tests which provide results almost instantaneously [1].

"Drug testing is effective in preventing accidents, health issues & costs, absenteeism & litigation. Moreover, screening can also protect employees from injury & improve productivity. Businesses with employees who work in safety-sensitive jobs may want to conduct on-going screens after workers are hired. Some employers like to perform random screening for workers who drive, operate heavy equipment, or work on dangerous construction sites. If an employee is in a random testing pool, they'll never know when they'll get picked. It's pretty effective as a deterrent. Certainly, companies that are more risk-adverse should consider some form of random testing" [2]

The Low-Down on Drug Testing Kits UK's Rapid Result Saliva & Urine Tests

When it comes to a first-line of defence against illicit drugs, countless companies, organisations, institutions and medical facilities, regularly order either bulk workplace urine drug testing kits, bulk saliva drug testing kits, or both (although single units are readily available for small companies). Our Drug Testing Kits UK's rapid, highly accurate, UK-approved urine tests, have served as the go-to option for drug testing in the workplace, and for safety-critical industries for a very long time. Moreover, our Drug Testing Kits UK's approved saliva tests are becoming increasing popular due to the fact that the saliva collection sample is easier to administer; can be performed anywhere; saves time, and does not necessitate secure toilet facilities. Moreover, it is possible for the member of staff conducting the testing, to see the sample collection without infringing on the employee's privacy. Furthermore, a saliva test avoids the (albeit unlikely scenario), that an employee with a drug addiction, has a sample of someone else's urine on their person, which they can use for both a scheduled and unannounced urine drug test, in order to avoid having a positive result, and being subject to disciplinary action, and potentially losing their job.

Let Our CX Team & Professional Advisors Give You FREE Advice

Thousands of companies, organisations, institutions and medical facilities, put their trust in Drug Testing Kits UK. All our high quality products have been approved for use in the UK and Southern Ireland, and can easily be administered by an appointed member of staff. And whether you are new to workplace drug and/or alcohol testing, or whether you are looking to save money on the way you conduct tests, and would like advice on setting up a viable workplace drug (or drug and alcohol) testing program, we are available to give you FREE advice, whether you are a small company of three employees, or a corporation with 3,000 employees. - Our expertise and broad range of options, cover all scenarios, and whatever you budget is, we can help. So just send us a brief message, or contact us on chat, telling us the size of your company/organisation ( the number of employees), your industry, and whether or not you already conduct regular workplace drug (and/or alcohol) testing.

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