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As Drug Testing Kits UK is only too aware, as we fast approach the mid-2020s, the competitive business world is becoming more fast paced than ever. - To that end, research shows that implementing regular on-site rapid drug and alcohol testing, is essential if you want to maintain a safe and productive workplace

When you have a good comprehension of the protective and other countless benefits that workplace drug and alcohol testing can provide, you will want to ensure that your company takes proactive measures in order to defend your business and members of staff from possible risks. Indeed, having such an extensive drug and alcohol testing strategy in place, not only empowers you to prevent injuries and accidents; it also generates a positive culture of accountability and safety within your organisation [1].

From improving productivity and reducing absenteeism, to mitigating legal liabilities and safeguarding your company's/organisation's reputation; workplace drug and alcohol testing using Drug Testing Kit UK's state-of-the-art, CE-approved, high tech, rapid-result, extremely accurate, non-invasive drug and alcohol testing kits, is a valuable small investment that will continually act as a safeguard, and deliver numerous advantages

Prime Advantages of Enforcing a Robust Drug & Alcohol Testing Program

As our Drug Testing Kit UK's professional team of experts, including our Health Science advisor, tells the countless companies, organisations, institutions, and educational and health facilities, that we supply across the length and breath of the UK and Southern Ireland: "a continual robust testing program delivers a clear message to members of staff that their well-being and safety are a top priority for your company/organisation. It also demonstrates your commitment to maintaining a high standard of professionalism and accountability within your organisation. By prioritising drug and alcohol testing businesses can foster a culture of safety, trust, and responsibility, which can have a positive impact on employee morale and overall company performance" [1]

 What the Research Says

One only has to look online, to see that employees who abuse alcohol and illegal drugs in the workplace, can cause extremely serious consequences for both their employers, and fellow members of staff. In fact, substantial research indicates that: "impaired employees are more likely to cause accidents, make errors, and be absent from work - all of which can result in decreased productivity and increased costs for the business. Moreover, substance abuse can lead to a decline in employee morale, reduced turnover rates, and potential legal liabilities for employers" [1].

To that end, as our Drug Testing Kit UK advisors always explain: setting up an in-house drug and alcohol testing program, is absolutely essential for companies/organisations to determine and target these matters in a proactive manner. Indeed, by establishing the aforementioned, employers can generate a more productive and safer working environment, protect their own interests, and safeguard the well-being of their staff [1].

The Reality of the Situation

Using CE-approved drug and alcohol testing kits such as those provided by renowned national leader, Drug Testing Kits UK, empowers employers to pinpoint individuals who may pose a risk to co-workers and themselves due to substance abuse. Regularly screening your staff for such substance misuse in the workplace, works as a first-class deterrent, thus dissuading them from engaging in alcohol or drug abuse, or being under the effects of such, (that they may have been consumed outside the workplace)

Legal Considerations For Conducting On-Site Drug & Alcohol Testing

If your company/organisation implements or amends a workplace drug and alcohol testing program, there are some mandatory requirements that you need to adhere to:

      • Consider the legal implications under current UK law (be it English, Welsh, Northern Irish, or Scottish); or Southern Irish

      • Ensure that what you do complies with relevant laws and regulations. And check all the important information which is freely given in the professionally written, well referenced informative blogs, on our Drug Testing Kit UK's leading-edge Blog & News section on our website

      • Always keep the drug and alcohol test results which have been provided by testing your employees in your workplace, strictly confidential

      • If an employee's drug or alcohol test yields a positive result, then their test should be security sealed, and then sent by courier to a laboratory, for verification. (Note: the state-of the-art, premium quality drug and alcohol testing kits provided by Drug Testing Kit UK, have an automatic security seal)

      • Moreover, it is essential that as a company/organisation, you set out clear procedures and policies in regard to your on-site alcohol and drug testing. This should incorporate: a). informing members of staff about of the testing process, b). obtaining their consent (if they have not already given it in their work or another contract, and c). handling their test results.

Always be mindful of the fact that the golden key to maintaining trust, and ensuring that staff understand the benefits of, and reasons behind, your company's/organisation's drug & alcohol testing program, involves good communication, and transparency. By adhering to legal considerations, and applying best practices, you can protect your organisation from potentially serious legal challenges. Moreover, you can guarantee the effectiveness of your workplace drug and alcohol testing program [1], which can comprise both announced, and unannounced random on-site tests. The latter of which normally consist of taking a sample of the employees' saliva, or urine. 


Promoting a Fair & Equal Work Environment

Conducting in-house saliva (oral fluid), or urine tests, both of which can be administered by a responsible, dedicated employee (who has had some practice testing a few subjects), also helps to create a fair and equal work environment. - This is achieved by ensuring that all members of staff, are held to the same standards of behaviour. Drug Testing Kits UK, concurs that: "substance abuse can create an imbalance in the workplace, thereby affecting productivity, morale, and overall team dynamics. By implementing a testing program, businesses can establish clear expectations and guidelines for all employees, promoting fairness and equal treatment. This can improve employee satisfaction, foster a sense of belonging, and enhance collaboration and teamwork" [1]


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