As Drug Testing Kits UK, are mindful of: "A study of over 1,300 industry workers compiled by the Considerate Constructors Scheme, revealed that 35% had noticed their colleagues under the influence of either alcohol or drugs while on the job. Additionally, 65% said they had never undergone a test for drugs or alcohol at work, and 39% believed that the issue could be better addressed by their employer.

Moreover, anyone operating machinery, handling vehicles or working on site while under the influence of drugs or alcohol could pose a threat to themselves as well as other employees and members of the public" [1]

Understanding the Fundamentals

On-site drug and alcohol testing not only protects employees, and (in some instances, the general public); it also guarantees that employers' duties are adhered to under the Health and Safety at Work Act. Yet, as our Drug Testing Kit UK's professional advisors, and CX team, can testify: "with numerous options available, it is not always immediately apparent which drug testing method will best meet the requirements for companies" [1]. To that end, before making a commitment to use a specific test method, or drawing up any future drug and alcohol test policy, it is essential that companies, organisations, institutions, and educational and medical facilities, have a good comprehension as to how workplace drug and alcohol testing works.

Drug Testing Kits UK Are Renowned For Helping Guide Companies

As Drug Testing Kits UK supply the highest quality CE approved on-site saliva drug and alcohol tests to countless companies, organisations and medical facilities, etc., across the length and breath of the UK and Southern Ireland, our professional team, including our Health Science Specialist, are continuously pointing the former in the right direction, as to the best types of drug & alcohol tests for their needs. Moreover, we publish regular blogs on our website, in order to provide the latest guidance on all matters concerning testing in the workplace. This includes recent releases from the UK Government, and The Health & Safety Executive, and covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • Detailed information on the different types of non-invasive saliva (oral fluid), and urine testing kits

  • How to draw up work contracts which include employees giving their permission to be tested for drugs and alcohol in the workplace

  • How you can easily assign a responsible, dedicated member of staff, to conduct on-site drug and alcohol test

  • What to do if an employee tests positive for drug or alcohol use

  • The importance of confidentiality regarding employee test results

  • The pros and cons of both saliva and urine drug and alcohol tests

  • How to spot different signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol misuse

  • How to save money on bulk purchases of drug & alcohol kits

  • How to deal with employees who abuse illegal drugs and alcohol

Did You Know?

39% of workers in a Considerate Constructors survey, thought that the issue of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace, could be dealt with better by their employer [1]

What Should Employers be Mindful of When Comparison Shopping Drug Testing Kits?

One important factor, is ascertaining whether or not, the test kit provides clear information with regard to administering the test, and seeing the results. For example, all Drug Testing Kit UK's tests, come with extremely clear written instructions, and each and every drug and alcohol test, is super simple to use. Moreover, all the tests that we sell provide highly accurate results, which show up within minutes, and in some cases, almost instantaneously. Furthermore, the test samples are automatically security sealed within the appliance.

What Sort of Data Does the Drug/Alcohol Test Kit Provide?

If you are in a safety-critical industry, then your best course of action, is to order tests which can determine whether or not the employees that you are screening, are currently under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In such cases, saliva testing is the most reliable form of drug testing.

On-site saliva testing offers the following benefits:

  • The saliva (oral fluid) tests confirm whether or not the member of staff, is currently under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • The specimen test sample has less chance of becoming contaminated with other substances

The Importance of Cut-Off Levels

Looking at the cut-off level for every drug the testing kit screens, is also important. For example, some Drug Testing Kit UK's most in-demand saliva drug and alcohol tests, screen for 6 or 7 different commonly abused drugs (all of which have an individual cut-off level). The latter ascertains the level of a drug that has to be present within a subject's system, before it can detected by the drug test. To that end, the lower the cut-off level, the more sensitive the kit. - And this is why all Drug Testing Kit UK's screening devices, provide a low cut-off level.

The Low-Down On Workplace Urine Tests

On-site instant result, CE approved urine drug testing, is one of the most widespread, popular methods that is being used in the UK and Southern Ireland. Indeed, this has been the case for a long time now, and Drug Testing Kits UK, continuously receives highly positive feedback for this cost-effective, reliable testing method [1].

Being in the Know

"Aside from taking a blood test, a saliva sample is the only other method of drug testing that will produce a positive result if the individual had taken drugs in the last two hours.

Whilst urine tests are ideal for implementing random testing policies, and can help to prevent incidents from occurring, this form of testing has limitations" [1]

Urine drug tests will not show whether the person being tested, has taken drugs over the last two hours. Also, and more crucially: unlike urine drug tests, that can detect drugs which the employee has taken weeks beforehand, a saliva drug test will not reveal a positive result for any drugs that may have been taken more than 48 hours before the test, which therefore, makes a saliva test the most reliable method for determining the cause of an incident that has just occurred. To that end, if a workplace incident does take place, then a urine sample will not confirm if the employee was impaired by drugs at the time it occurred. And so for this reason, Drug Testing Kits UK, recommends that companies which have employees driving vehicles, or operating heavy machinery, implement saliva drug testing as part of their health and safety policy [1].



[1]. Robin, S. (2021). "Drug tests: which work the best?" Construction Management.