As Drug Testing Kits UK frequently tells the countless companies and organisations that we supply across the length and breath of Britain and Southern Ireland: "there has been a massive shift from expensive laboratory drug testing, to on-site drug testing. This hugely beneficial switch includes Network Rail, which introduced this fast, inexpensive, highly accurate screening method for the first time

A Smart Cost Effective Drug Testing Solution

Companies and organisations which have been using lab drug screening, have seen a sharp rise in costs, and this has driven countless managers and CEOs to scout out a more effective, and substantially cheaper way of testing employees for illicit drug and alcohol use. - Step forward, workplace drug testing. - Which, even when the potential to confirm any employees positive results in a lab (that is to say that when drugs or alcohol have been detected in employees' bodies with on-site drug/alcohol tests), and the samples are sent to a lab for verification, overall, the savings are still substantial.

So now let's take a deep dive into what on-site/workplace drug testing is, and then look at some of the key advantages of using CE-approved premium quality, drug testing kits (such as those supplied by Drug Testing Kits UK).

On-Site Workplace Drug Testing

This is a revolutionary non-invasive screening method which delivers almost instant results from employees' biological samples (including saliva and urine). Such scheduled and non-scheduled workplace testing for illegal and abused prescription drugs, can easily be administered by a responsible member of HR/staff (who can record the negative or positive results). Cutting-edge drug tests such as Drug Testing Kit UK's 7 Panel Oral Fluid (Saliva) Multi Drug & Alcohol Test Kit, only takes a matter of minutes to administer, and see/record the results, thus avoiding disruption to employees' work schedules.

Advantages of Workplace Testing VS Laboratory Drug Testing

Rapid Drug Test Results

Unlike drug screening that is done in a lab, test results from Drug Testing Kit UK's full range of approved drug testing kits, are shown within minutes. Did you know that drug screening via a laboratory can take up to 24 hours. Moreover, there is always the chance of a delay, as well as the risk of transporting employees' samples to the lab (for instance, the samples could be lost, damaged or compromised).

Conversely, the thousands of companies and organisations that use Drug Testing Kits UK's on-site drug tests, are provided with almost immediate results, thereby empowering them to make quick decisions with regard to a member of staff who may have illicit drugs in their system. - Something that is crucial in the case of safety-critical jobs. A good scenario of the downfall of not using on-site drug testing, is that: a worker could be suspended from their job on the grounds of health and safety, until such time that the company/organisation receives the drug test results from the laboratory. And the results turn out to be negative, even though the employee was displaying strange behaviour (such as taking too much time away from their work station).

High Level Accurate Drug Screening

This is something which Drug Testing Kits UK has always championed, and promoted to both large corporations and small businesses, alike. The technology and quality of high grade on-site drug testing kits has been bolstered and refined over recent years. And this is why the likes of Network Rail decided to change to on-site drug testing; they understand that it provides a feasible replacement to drug screening via an expensive, time-consuming lab service.

Drug Testing Large Numbers of Staff

Another reason why Network Rail changed their drug testing policy to on-site drug testing, is due to the fact that they increased the number of staff that are called for random drug testing to 20% (up from from 5%). Clearly, if they carried on with lab screening for these increased numbers, it would be both extremely expensive, and disruptive to their services. Indeed, workplace drug testing is a far quicker way of administering sample collection; moreover, when it comes to testing large numbers of staff on-site (using highly accurate, rapid drug testing kits such as those provided to all industries by leading provider, Drug Testing Kits UK), it can save countless hours and in the case of large companies/organisations, tens of thousands of pounds.

Saving Your Staff Time

Having to travel to a lab/test facility away from the workplace, is both inconvenient, and time-consuming. Moreover, it reduces the amount of time that staff could be working (as they will have to take time out to be tested during normal lab working hours); and may cut out the time that employees would normally be spending time with their family, etc. Conversely, on-site drug testing removes the need to leave the workplace, and necessitate other members of staff to take over their responsibilities for two or three hours or so.

The Element Of Surprise

If staff are aware that they will be asked to take a drug test, anyone who abuses illegal or prescription drugs can easily abstain from taking them prior to the test, only to resume their habit straight after their visit to the lab/test facility. However, as Drug Testing Kits UK's vast research shows: companies and organisations which conduct workplace drug testing, are empowered to be able to announce random testing (calls for employees to be given immediate drug tests without any former notice); and as a result, they obtain more accurate results. - Something that can mean the difference between a serious accident happening or being prevented.

As we fast approach the mid-2020s, sending employees to a costly laboratory isn't the only option for drug testing in the workplace. - So if you’re trying to deliberate on an effective on-site drug testing program, consider all the ways in which cutting-edge workplace drug testing would benefit your company/organisation

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