7 Panel Oral Fluid (Saliva) Multi Drug & Alcohol Test Kit

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Drugs & Alcohol Rapid Saliva Oral Fluid Self-Test.

An Accuracy Rate of 98%

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Clear Results in Just 3-10 Minutes

No Instrument Required

Super Simple to Use

Drug Testing Kits UK is delighted to be able to offer companies in all industries (& other consumers) in the UK and Republic of Ireland, the superior, cutting-edge, Drugs & Alcohol Self-Test. World renowned, and backed by substantial scientific studies, this Drugs & Alcohol Test is a state-of-the-art rapid lateral flow saliva test which provides qualitative detection of multiple drugs and drug metabolites.

7 Panel Oral Fluid (Saliva) Multi Drug & Alcohol Test kit can detect:

  • AND DRUG & ALCOHOL METABOLITES (By-products of the body breaking down (metabolising) drugs or alcoholic beverages (wine, spirits and beer), into different substances. The process of metabolism is certain and predictable, and everyone metabolises drugs and alcohol in the same manner).

How the Drugs & Alcohol Rapid Self-Test Works


A calibrator is an agent or standard which is utilised to ensure accuracy. This Drugs & Alcohol Test uses:

  • 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC

(Note: these calibrators are listed in the same order to correspond with the aforementioned list of drugs 'The Drugs & Alcohol Self-Test Can Detect').

An Ingenious System With World-Class Results

This Drugs & Alcohol Test uses man-made proteins (known as monoclonal antibodies), to selectively detect heightened levels of multiple popular drugs which may be present in human oral fluid. This is done using specific cut-off concentrations. These comprise:

  • AMPHETMINES 50 ng/ml
  • COCAINE 20 ng/ml
  • OPIATES 25 ng/ml
  • MARIJUANA 12 ng/ml
  • KETAMINE 50ng/ml
  • ALCOHOL 0.2%

Instructions For Use

This Drugs & Alcohol Test can either act as a self-test (i.e., it can be carried out by the individual who the test is for); or a member of your HR staff, or other suitable person. As the test is so simple to administer, no previous knowledge or experience is required. The self-tester or the employee who is designated with testing the staff, must simply follow the instructions as laid out herein:

Prior to Testing: Very importantly, before you conduct any test, ensure that the test cup, specimen, and/or controls reach room temperature (15-30°C). The individual who is being tested, must not (be told not to) place anything in the mouth for at least 10 minutes before the saliva is collected. (This includes: drinks of all kinds, even water; food, chewing gum, cigarettes and tobacco products).

Testing Protocol For Drugs & Alcohol

Drug Test

Number 1: Take out the test cube and collection sponge which are in the sealed pouch, and then remove the packaging covering the collection sponge.

Number 2: Gently place the spongy end of the saliva collector into the mouth. Then, collect the oral fluid by actively swabbing the tongue and lining of the mouth for 2-3 minutes. Note: the sponge must be fully saturated, so if this does not occur after 2 minutes of swabbing, continue for another minute. Further, when the sponge is saturated, there should not be any hard spots. A good tip for effectively collecting the saliva, is to softly press the sponge between the tongue and the teeth.

Number 3: Withdraw the saliva collector from the mouth; then place the saturated oral fluid collector into the test cup. After this, screw the collector to press the sponge to maximum capacity, so that it releases the oral fluid.

Number 4: Put the test cup on a level, clean surface, such as a sturdy table. (Cleaning the surface with anti-bacterial spray, prior to use, is a good idea). Now peel off the label, and wait for the flow to show up in the test windows. Once this appears, put on a timer. - This can just be a small traditional clock, or a mobile phone clock.

Number 5: If 3 minutes has elapsed since the timer was put on, and the sample has not moved in the test cup, then simply rotate the cup 4 to 5 times.

Number 6: Read the results from the saliva test 3-10 minutes after the timer was started. If every line is clearly visible at 3 minutes or less (after the timer was started), then you can interpret the test as negative and discarded. However, if any lines are not visible at 3 minutes (after the timer was started), then the test must be re-read at 10 minutes (after the timer was started).

Negative Result/s

If the results come up as *NEGATIVE (that is to say, the concentration within the oral fluid sample is below the specific cut-off point for the particular drug which was tested), then *a coloured line will be visible in both the Test region and the Control region.

*NOTE: In some instances, the shade of the coloured lines/s in the Test region may vary. Yet even if the line only appears as faint, the results must still be read as negative.

Positive Result/s

If the results come up as *POSITIVE: a coloured line will show up in the Control region, but there will be NO line showing in the test region. This result indicates that the concentration of the drug/s in the oral sample, is greater than the selected cut-off for the drug/drugs.

Alcohol Test

Number 7: If you would like to conduct the alcohol test alongside the drug test, then you can use the alcohol testing strip to ascertain the oral fluid alcohol level. - This displayed on the testing strip. This testing strip result must be read at 2 minutes after the timer was started. The result can be seen by making a comparison with the colour on the reaction pad, and the colour on the foil pouch (or separate colour chart).

Interpreting the Alcohol Testing Strip

Positive: The alcohol test which comprises colour pads, will generate a change in colour when oral fluid alcohol is present. The colour change will span between a light blue colour (at a 0.02% relative concentration of oral fluid alcohol), to a dark blue colour (close to a 0.30% relative concentration of oral fluid alcohol). This is designed to provide an approximate concentration of relative oral fluid alcohol. Note: the test could generate colours which appear to be in-between the adjacent colour pads.

Alcohol Test Sensitivity

This Newfoundland Test is highly sensitive to the presence of alcohol. To that end, if the results show a blue colour which is lighter than the 0.02% colour pad, then it should be translated as: a POSITIVE result with alcohol being present in the oral fluid.

Conversely, if the alcohol test does not generate a change in colour, then it should be translated as: a NEGATIVE result with zero detection of alcohol.

Besides the aforementioned, if the colour pad is showing a blue colour prior to applying the oral fluid sample, then it should be classed as INVALID, and the test should not be used.

Invalid Results On the Drugs & Alcohol Tests

If the results come up as *INVALID: there will be NO line showing in the Control region. When this occurs, it is usually down to a error/s in the procedural technique, or insufficient specimen volume.

What Should I Do If I Get an Invalid Result?

The first thing to do, is to re-read the instructions, and make written notes of what you have to do. Once you are clear on the procedure, conduct a new test. In the unlikely event that the result still comes up as invalid, then contact the manufacturer,

EC Declaration of Conformity

One of the reasons why Drug Testing UK is a leader in the the field of Medical Testing, is the fact that we are very stringent about keeping abreast of, and conforming to, the ever-changing medical and legal regulations related to drug and alcohol testing in the workplace, the home, and all other environments. Unfortunately, there are many rogue drug and alcohol testing companies on the internet that have a .co.uk web address, and purport to be based in the UK. - As such, they give the impression that they follow the necessary regulations in relation to the testing kits that they sell, when in fact, many of these are manufactured in the US, and do not conform to the necessary regulations which are applicable in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Legal Specifications Relating to the Drugs & Alcohol Self-Test

The manufacturers of the Drugs & Alcohol Self-Test, have made a legal declaration that this product meets the provisions of the following EC Council Directives and Standards. All the supporting legal documentations are held by the manufacturer, and can be accessed if required.

The general application directives comprise: "DIRECTIVE 98/79/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 October 1998 on in vitro diagnostic medical device.s Standard Applied: EN ISO13485:2016, EN ISO14971:2012, EN 13975:2003, EN ISO

18113-1:2011, EN ISO 18113-2:2011, EN 13612:2002/AC:2002, EN ISO 17511:2003,

EN ISO23640:2015, EN 13641:2002, EN ISO 15223-1:2016"

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William J. Morris
EXCELLENT VALUE 30% OFF 7 Panel Saliva Multi Drug & Alcohol Test Kit

I first started ordering CE approved, on-site drug and alcohol testing kits for our company (which employees over 200 people in two sites in the north and south of England). I was very impressed by drugtests.co.uk because of their high quality products, professionalism and expertise. And as I am new in my position, I was able to learn about the rules and regulations on workplace drug and alcohol testing in the UK, by looking over their extensive guidance in their blog section, and following the advise from their Health Science Advisor, and checking out the links to the gov.uk sites showing the up-to-date rules and regulations which companies have to follow.
This saved me so much time having to source this data out myself, as I am already working overtime. I opted to write this review today because Drug Testing Kits UK's bulk purchase prices are highly competitive, and on placing an order for the professionally recommended '7 Panel Oral Fluid Multi Drug & Alcohol Test Kits,' today, I enjoyed an incredible discount of 30% off the already discounted bulk prices. That had given us a great savings, as the order was for 240 tests. Also, I see that even if I had only ordered one single drug and alcohol test, or a box of 20, I would have still benefited from 30% off! drugtests.co.uk which is located in the Bristol area, is without doubt, the go-to platform for drug and alcohol test kits.