SelfCheck Multi Drug Test Urine Drug Test

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SelfCheck Multi Drug Test

This multi drug test kit tests for

Amphetamine (AMP)

Benzodiazepine (BZO)

Cocaine (COC)

Marijuana/Cannabis (THC)

Methamphetamine (MET) 

Opiates (OPI)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Peter Mandela
A Top Quality Professionally Recommended, Highly Accurate Self-Test at a Super Low Price

Looking through the great selection on the website, I came across the SelfCheck Multi Drug Test Urine Drug Tests that my medic recommended. I first checked that Drug Testing Kits UK is an official supplier (which it is), before going any further.
I had brought some of these high grade self-testing drug kits in the pharmacy earlier this year, for my teenage son who has had issues with illegal drugs, but they were FAR more expensive. This time I brought 10 tests which gave me a bulk discount PLUS the 30% OFF Christmas Special. They test for 6 of the common illicit drugs which are swamping young people across the UK.

Mike Bellamy, Hotel Director
Highly Recommended - SELFCheck Multi Drug Test Urine Drug Test

Yesterday, I ordered a pack of 25 rapid multi-drug tests for the staff who work at our small hotel in Sheffield, and they arrived very promptly this morning! The pack was not only reasonably priced, but I got a surprise to see that I was entitled to a special bonus of 30% off, even though I am a new customer.
I have already given the test to our receptionist, who provided the necessary small urine sample. I must say that the drug test instructions were very straightforward and simple, and it was really easy to arrange, with the results showing up within minutes.
The SELFCheck Multi Drug Test Urine test covers Cocaine, Amphetamine, Cannabis, Methamphetamine (such as Ecstasy), Opiates (including Heroin), and Benzodiazepines. We take health and safety very seriously, and due to a former employee abusing drugs, which resulted in a serious incident at the hotel, we have now decided to conduct regular workplace drug testing at random intervals.
We are very grateful for the detailed guidance from the website which has professional articles on the the legalities concerned with the need for employers to attain employees' permission to be tested for drugs. And equipped with this information, we now have a clear way forward in implementing our new drug testing policy. Thank you, Drug Testing Kits UK.