10 Panel Standard Size Urine Test Cup with Adulterant Test Strip (3 SVT)


Precision-designed for ease of use and accuracy; and manufactured to the highest standards, this best-selling CE-approved 10 Panel Urine Test Cup, is part of our Drug Testing Kit UK's Standard Range of premium quality Urine Drug Test Devices. This Urine Test Cup incorporates testing for  popular recreational drugs, while simultaneously covering safety-critical workplace drug testing requirements. It is engineered for employees of all age groups, taking into account the most commonly used recreational, illegal, and abused prescription drugs in the UK, at the present time. The tests which come with step-by-step instructions, can be administered by a responsible, dedicated employee (who has previously had some practice giving several members of staff the tests, and recorded the results).


Cutting-Edge Technology
The 10 Panel Urine Test Cup with its screw lid, provides sensitive, highly accurate, specific, rapid screening, for up to 10 different commonly abused drugs in just one sample. The technology also ensures that there is no interference in the results from common over-the-counter medications (which the employee may have taken).


It features a high tech drug panel, with cut-off levels in (ng/ml) below:
Amphetamine 500
Barbiturates 200
Benzodiazepine 200
Cocaine 150
Marijuana/Cannabis 50
Methadone 300
Methamphetamine 500
Opiates 300
Phencyclidine 25
Propoxyphene 300


Analytical Precision/Sensitivity
During clinical trials, the 10 Panel Standard Size Urine Test Cup delivered results of higher than 99% accuracy. (See specific product insert for more information).


Benefits of Drug Testing Kit UK's 10 Panel Standard Size Urine Test Cup

  • CE Marked
  • MHRA registered
  • The Urine Drug Test Cup also incorporates a high quality urine adulteration test strip. This is integrated into the cup to screen for specific gravity, oxidants, pH adulteration. Further, a temperature strip can gauge the temperature of the urine. This is to ensure that the urine sample is fresh, and has not been adulterated, diluted, or otherwise tampered with
  • Super simple to use
  • Strong line intensity on the device, shows the test results as sharp, clear, and easy to read
  • Easy to photocopy the drug test results for the employee's record, and future reference
  • Able to see results within 60 seconds of testing
  • Results remain stable for an hour
  • The hygienic, sturdy plastic unit, is fully encapsulated
  • There is a standardised colour coded strip for each drug system, thus making it easy for quick, consistent, drug/metabolite-type identification
  • Consistent sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy, thereby generating reliable, qualitative screening results on every test



  • The perfect solution for on-site rapid drug screening for the construction industry, logistics; and safety critical and standard workplace drug testing
  • Significant financial savings compared to laboratory tests
  • Employees no longer have to take time off work going to a drug testing centre/lab
  • No special storage requirements (thus enabling companies to buy urine drug testing kits in bulk at highly discounted, economy prices)
  • Economy cases of 25, 50, and 100 tests, with free delivery are available
  • Long shelf life, meaning that your company/organisation can keep a supply at hand. (See box for expiry date)


The 10 Panel Standard Size Urine Test Cup Can Be Used For:

  • Workplace/On-site drug testing
  • In-office/shop/factory/petrol station/restaurant/bar testing
  • Pre-employment drug testing
  • Random drug testing
  • Post-accident drug testing
  • Back to work (after a long beak) testing
  • Reasonable suspicion testing


The Vital Importance of the Adulterant Test Strip

The 10 Panel Standard Size Urine Test Cup features an Adulterant Test Strip for the purpose of ensuring accurate testing results. This is achieved by detecting a specific substance that a employee could secretly add to their urine sample, to contaminate it.  Some employees who take illegal drugs routinely do this in order to hide their drug use. And this is why Drug Testing Kits UK 's Urine Test Cups feature an Adulterant Test Strip.


An adulterant comes about from carrying out an 'adulteration.' The latter means covertly blending one substance with another, for the purpose of masking or altering the presence of drugs/ metabolites, in the specimen. This act can include the employee adding particular substances to their urine sample so as to: dilute the drug concentration, thus changing the sample's pH level; or conversely, adding certain chemicals, which can interfere with the drug screening. The aim of adulterating a urine sample, is to generate a false negative result, and be seen as someone who doesn't take drugs.


Drug Testing Kit UK's 10 Panel Standard Size Urine Test Cup Adulterant Test Strip, can detect various forms of adulteration chemicals. These include: pH adjusters, specific gravity adjusters; and oxidants (including: pyridinium chlorochromate, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach), all of which can be added to a urine sample to neutralise the drug metabolites (by-products created when a drug is broken down). Also, the employee can add certain gravity adjusters (including water or salt), to dilute the urine sample, and lower the drug concentration. In addition, they could add a pH adjuster (for example, lemon juice or vinegar), to transform the urine's acidity, which can thus impact the drug test's accuracy.


The adulteration test strip provided with the10 Panel Standard Size Urine Test Cup, contains several pads which change colour when exposed to particular chemicals. The testing strip is dipped into the urine sample to see if any of the pads change colour. If they do, then it could mean that the employee had tampered with the specimen. In which case, another test, such as a Drug Testing Kit UK's saliva test can be given.


10 Panel Standard Size Urine Test Cup with Adulterant Test Strip (3 SVT) Cases of 25 Tests


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ena Hardinge
A good all-round company that you can rely on for quality and customer care

My partner did contact Drug Testing Kits UK via their chat line, some time before we placed our initial order before Christmas. After that, we both scouted around for other such drug test kits companies, but they all paled in comparison. This company is a UK registered medical device supplier, something which didn't appear to be the case with others, some of which touted UK web addresses, but were based out in some far flung country, so there wouldn't be any recourse if the product was deficient, or wasn't CE certified etc.

In our business which involves the use of large farm machinery, we are used to following all the legal rules and regulations to the max. We also strive to test our tractor and other machine operator employees for as many drugs as possible, and this 10 Panel Urine Cup Test with screw lid, simultaneously tests for 10 different ones. Having read through a couple of drugtests.co.uk articles on employer guidance, I know that this range covers all the current popular street and abused prescription drugs in the UK.

We are now on our third order, and going strong. Drug testing Kits UK is thoroughly recommended.

Charlie Rosna
Drug Testing Kits UK are the Biz!

Our firm which sells cars and encourages our salespeople to take potential purchasers out for a ride, have been using these 10 Panel Standard Size Urine Test Cups with Adulterant Test Strips (3 SVT) over the last 8 weeks. The test cups have been randomly given to both existing and new staff (we recently took on 3 part-time salespeople).

I have to say this multiple drug testing product is amazingly quick and simple to use. -- And the results come up right away. It also meets the necessary legal standards for use in the UK. Today I came to the site to order a second batch, but this time I placed a larger order. This is because we can make a good savings on getting a hundred 10 Panel Standard Size Urine Test Cups, which come with free delivery. These should last us a few months!

John B. Patterson
A superior Drug Test

I run a small engineering company, and we have been involved in regular scheduled and unannounced random drug testing, for close to 3 years. We have used various types of workplace drug tests over this time, but at this point I have to say that this UK approved 10 panel test cup is way superior to other brands. Also the test can be done very quickly, and this means that only a very limited amount of work time is lost.

Bob Horne
Straightforward and a pleasure to do business with

It's always a good feeling when you finally find a supplier that can be trusted to deliver exactly what they advertise and describe. Drug Testing Kits UK is one of these suppliers, and I am more than willing to recommend them to other people in my industry.

Dean Phillips (Logistics Manager)
Good Experience

Will be coming back to drugtests.co.uk as I'm well pleased with both this premium range product and the good service.