As our Drug Testing Kit UK's Health Science Advisor explains: "hallucinogens are drugs that alter someone’s awareness and can cause people to see and hear things that aren’t there. They are split into 2 categories: 'Dissociative Drugs,' like PCP, and 'Classic Hallucinogens,' like LSD. Some Hallucinogens, like PCP and Ketamine, are man-made chemicals while others such as Psilocybin (commonly called magic mushrooms), are grown as plants and then consumed" [1]

According to the Office For National Statistics (ONS): "the prevalence of hallucinogen (lysergic acid diethylamide and magic mushrooms) use in England and Wales, during the last year in people aged 16 to 59 years increased to 1% compared with the year ending March 2020 (0.7%). Prevalence of use in the last year was below one percent for all other individual drug types in the year ending March 2023, except for ketamine (3.8%) and new psychoactive substances (1.4%) in those aged 16 to 24 years" [2].

To that end, due to the staggering numbers of employees who either experiment with, or regularly consume hallucinogens: companies, organisations, institutions, and medical establishments, are becoming more proactive by making it mandatory for their staff to undergo both announced and unannounced on-site drug testing. This requires the employee granting permission for this non-invasive drug testing (which is either done via a CE-approved drug testing kit which uses a  saliva or urine sample), by having signed a work contract or other additional document. The latter will state that the employer, institution, etc., will conduct both announced and unannounced, UK approved non-invasive random drug tests, at their will, and an employee, student, etc., consents to these drug tests being carried out at any time.

Here at Drug Testing Kits UK, our vast experience has shown us that prevention in the form of regular non-invasive workplace drug testing (which can be easily administered by a designated responsible member of staff), is the key to avoiding many potentially serious issues; and even the closure of companies and organisations (due to bankruptcy and massive legal fees and fines), caused by the negligence and uncontrolled actions of rogue employees who regularly consume illicit drugs such as ketamine. - These individuals have zero respect for health and safety issues, or their co-workers, customers, and in a number of cases, the public at large.

Most of these hallucinogenic drugs will be out of the user's system within a few days, but similar to other commonly abused drugs, they can be detected by superior drug screening kits (such as those provided by Drug Testing Kits UK), quite a few days after they have been consumed [1]. So, for example, if an employee takes ketamine on a Friday evening after work, it will show up on a workplace drug test the following week

Putting a Spotlight on Ketamine

How Long Does Ketamine Show Up on a Drug Test?

Urine test

Up to 11 days

Saliva Test

Up to 24 hours [1,3]

Drug Abuse in the Workplace: Signs to Look Out For

When someone takes ketamine, they experience a short-lived high, yet their body's tolerance level builds up quickly, thus necessitating that they take increasing larger quantities in order to gain the same experience. Signs of ketamine abuse, include:

  • Irritability

  • Depression

  • Slurred speech

  • Insomnia, and

  • Impaired cognitive function [1]

Moreover, if a regular user suddenly stops taking ketamine (for example, if they do not have sufficient money to purchase any), then they are likely to undergo withdrawal symptoms. These include:

  • Confusion

  • Fatigue

  • Having the shakes

  • Experiencing a decrease in the body's cardiac and respiratory functions, and

  • Loss of motor skills [1]

Putting a Spotlight on LSD (Acid)

Did you know that the effects of LSD can last for 12 hours or more?

LSD is short for: lysergic acid diethylamide. Often simply referred to as 'acid,' this particular illegal hallucinogenic drug, is extremely potent, and thus a grave concern for employers. It is made from a fungus which grows on various types of grains (including rye).

"LSD is typically sold in the form of small tablets, capsules, or liquids. A solution of liquid LSD is commonly added to blotter paper and divided into decorated squares. LSD is almost always taken orally, but it may also be used via other routes, such as being dropped into the eye" [4], so it can easily be administered in the workplace

How Long Does LSD Show Up on a Drug Test?

Urine test

Up to 4 days

LSD can generate long-term effects when taken regularly. Moreover, the risk of experiencing such effects is stronger for: 1. individuals who ingest large doses of LSD; and 2. those who have a pre-existing mental health condition. One serious danger of using LSD, is the potential to develop flashbacks (known as hallucinogen persisting perception disorder. This refers to recurrences of the LSD's impact, days or even months, after consuming the last dose. Moreover, people can develop both a psychological dependence and tolerance to the drug [1].

Putting a Spotlight on PCP

Phencyclidine or phenylcyclohexyl piperidine, also known by street names such as angel dust, is a dissociative anaesthetic, which is used for its strong mind-altering effects. PCP alters the user's state of consciousness, and impacts their memory,  learning ability, and ability to process emotions. Moreover, higher doses of  this illicit drug can generate delusions, paranoia, hallucination, anxiety, and in some instances, suicidal thoughts. Long-term abuse can result in physical and psychological cravings [1].

Knowing Which Drug Testing Kits to Order

In the first instance, it is absolutely crucial to only deal with a renowned, UK registered company, such as Drug Testing Kits UK. Moreover, all the products should be CE certified; and the company which you purchase from, should be approved sellers of all the products which they have on offer. That way, just as with Drug Testing Kits UK, people can be assured that the drug testing kits are approved for use in the UK and Southern Ireland, and that the manufacturers of the products have approved the seller after considerable due diligence. Do not hesitate to contact Drug Testing Kits UK's friendly CX advisors, to see how we can help your company or organisation, while also saving you money on bulk packs.



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