Workplace Drug Testing

Drug Testing Kits UK are easy to use and extremely reliable. They are designed to detect all the popular illegal and prescription drugs, and give near immediate results

Drug Testing Equipment

Our cutting-edge, legally compliant, top quality drug test screening devices, are custom designed for workplace, clinical healthcare (treatment centres, hospitals, surgeries), and home testing, both in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Professional Advice

Our highly qualified team are all professionals with extensive experience in the fields of medical, drug & alcohol testing. We are always available to discuss your needs, tell you about how we can help your company, answer any questions you may have, and give you advice on the way forward to meet your specific requirements, and changing circumstances.

Meeting Your Needs 

Here at at Drug Testing Kits UK, we understand that every company and organisation has their own unique requirements. - So to that end, our focus is not solely on providing drug testing kits, we are also here to provide you with a top service. - This means that should you have any queries or concerns, you are at liberty to contact our experienced team at any time. - Something that the countless companies and organisations we deal with, find extremely valuable. This also includes asking us about the latest UK and Irish Republic legislation on drug testing in the workplace.

Buyers Beware!


All of our Drug Testing Kits are specifically designed to conform with the latest Health & Safety and legal regulations in the UK and the Irish Republic. All companies and organisations in these countries have to adhere to the said regulations. However, our legally compliant Drug Testing Kits, are quite different to the legally non-compliant drug testing kits which are sold by non-British manufacturers. - Many of which use a UK website address. 

These legally non-compliant Drug Testing Kits are often mass produced for the US market, and this means that they are slightly cheaper. - But, in regard to the level of drugs in the tester's system, they have a lower cut-off threshold, which means lower readings for those with drugs in their systems. - To that end, a percentage of employees in the UK and Ireland continue working with drugs in their system, as they have not shown up due to the lower permitted level in the US Drug Testing kit.

This scenario can mean extremely serious consequences for the company or organisation. To that end, common sense dictates that it is never worth cutting corners, and ending up paying enormous legal fees,and dealing with expensive tribunals and investigations. Not to mention, in some instances, being criminally charged, fined, and at worse, imprisoned. And if a serious accident has come about due to an employee/employees being under the influence of drugs, and resulted in life-changing injuries or fatalities, then this is likely to be reported in one on the middle market newspapers. - Some of which attract millions of online viewers. And articles of concern are frequently shared numerous times. So if the company does not go bankrupt due to the massive legal charges and fines, then they could do so, from bad publicity.

Drug Testing Kits UK's Alcohol & Drug Test Kits Comply With Legal Regulations

Our drug testing kits are not classed as IVD/general medical devices, as they are solely indicated for employees screening. In fact, generally speaking, most alcohol/drug screening tests for employment or law enforcement purposes, are not considered to be medical devices. To that end, they do not require registration with MHRA.

With Drug Testing Kits UK, you can have can have complete peace of mind that every batch of drugs tests is rigorously checked for accuracy and quality 

Outstanding Benefits of Our Popular Non-Invasive Drug Testing Kits

At the present time, because testing employees for drugs is voluntary in the majority of sectors, employees are far more likely to accept being tested, if the test is not invasive. - No one likes to see a syringe coming their way at the best of times!